The Actor...

James Huffman (SAG-AFTRA) has been an actor for more than 15 years.

He is officially credited with originating the role of CARTER in the Sam French publication of THE KING'S HORSES by David L. Paterson. THE KING'S HORSES made it's World Premiere in 2002 at the Pine Knoll Theater in Palenville, NY. He spent 10 years in New York City accumulating theater credits that include: WALLY in the campy comedy FISH BOWL, premiering at The Michael Weller Theater in NY in 2006; VAN COOPER in the Fringe NYC 2006 production of LIGHT & LOVE by S.P. Riordan; OFFICER BILL in Kenneth Lonergan's LOBBY HERO at Manhattan Theater Source; And part of an ensemble cast, playing various roles in LEE/GENDARY by Soomi Kim and Derek Nguyen at The Samuel Beckett Theater.

He was also an active member of Helga's Cookies, a NYC ("Harold") improv troupe.

"I learned and developed more as an actor performing with Helga's Cookies than any class or workshop I ever took. My biggest takeaway was a critical case of cojones." 

He has appeared on several soap operas (ALL MY CHILDREN, GUIDING LIGHT, AS THE WORLD TURNS and ONE LIFE TO LIVE) in small speaking roles as a Bartender (who HASN'T?) a wedding photographer, an FBI agent, a club patron, a cop and a caterer. In 2009, he appeared in SURVIVING DISASTER on Spike TV, playing an arrogant airline passenger who unsuccessfully tries to thwart a terrorist takeover.  He has booked national commercials for ESPN/Home Depot, TH PROPERTIES, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, SPIKE TV, and COMEDY CENTRAL.

If you ever watch the show BONES, you can catch a glimpse of him as the recently murdered "Spencer Holt" (Season 4. Episode 24- "Critic in the Cabernet" 2009).


The Complex, Chatham Knowby, Directed by Josh Spiegel
City of Anger, Detective Nick Sterling, Directed by Ken Wilson
332221222, The Villian, Directed by Rob Lockhart
Greetings from Sun Valley, Ted, Directed by Jodi Taylor
Dead Serious, Major Landis, Produced by Michael Hein, Directed by Joe Sullivan

The Franklin Abraham,
Cornwall Graphis, Directed by Jonah Freeman
Waiting Room*, Jack, Directed by Mike Gibson
Four Dead Batteries*, Darr, Directed by Hiram Martinez
Bored of the Rings*, Callum Brodie, Directed by Steve Flynn
Fake Stacey, The Drummer, Directedby John Chuldenko
The Minds’ Eye, Lou Gehrig, Directed by Lance Reha
Gardens and Firelight, Sebastian, SVA Student Film

* Festival award recipient

"Surviving Disaster" (2009), Arrogant Passenger (Guest Star), SPIKE TV
"Bones" The Critic in the Cabernet (2009), Spenver Holt (Guest Star),  FOX
The After-Lyfes (pilot), Adam Lyfe (Co-star), Red Stick Productions
One Life to Live, Atlantic City Cop #2 (Under-five), ABC

One Life to Live, Bartender (Under-five), ABC
As The World Turns,Wedding Photographer (Under-five), CBS

As The World Turns, Caterer (Under-five), CBS
Guiding Light, Bartender (Under-five), CBS
Guiding Light, Customer (Under-five), CBS
All My Children, Waiter (Under-five), ABC

Catch (web series),
Detective James   (Co-star), Indie City Entertainment
Water Cooler of the Future, Sam   (Co star), Tim Keefe


Lee/Gendary (2007), Ensemble, Directed by Suzi Takagashi
Point me in the Right Direction (2007), Brian, Directed by Alexis Hadsall*
Lobby Hero (2006),
Officer Bill, Directed by Laura Standley

Light & Love (2006), Van Cooper, Directed by S.P. Riordan**

Fish Bowl (2006), Wally, Directed by Chris Henry
Aloha Say the Pretty Girls (2005), Will/Billy, Directed by Courtney Sale

Lone Star (2004), Cletis, Directed by Tony Capone
Demon Lover (2004), Jeffrey, Directed by Daryl Lathon
Airport Encounters (2003), Directed by Stella Inserra
Scenes From A Wake (2003), Directed by Stacey Mandeville
The King’s Horses (2002), Directed by Richard Creamer
Stage Kiss (2002), Directed by Michael Koleman
And Jack Came Tumbling (2001) Directed by Ernio Hernandez
Stage Kiss (2000), Directed by Jimmy Blackman
The Lottery (1999), Directed by Dirk Van Fisher


*  Sam French Off Off Broadway Original Short Play Festival 2007
** NYC Fringe Festival 2006


Listed upon request (National, Regional on-camera, print) 


Advanced technique/Scene Study: Terry Schreiber (T. Schreiber Studios)
“Develop Your Own Method”: Susan Batson (Black Nexxus NY)

Scene Study: Seth Barrish (The Barrow Group)
Private coaching: Seth Michael May,
Lynn Winters, Brette Goldstein, Michael Goldstrom
Film, TV, Soap: Colette Duvall, Bob Lambert (All My Children)
Auditioning for Primetime: Marci Phillips (ABC)
Comedy Improv: Don Puglisi, Bill Kraypohl
Monologue Workshop: Karen Kohlhaas (Atlantic Theater Company)
Commercial: Barry Shapiro (Herman & Lipson Casting)

Small Business Owner- Founder of Indie City Entertainment, a Los Angeles based production company
Former member of Helga’s Cookies and The Madrigals (NYC comedy improv groups)
Listed as an original cast member in the Samuel French publication of The King’s Horses, by David L. Paterson
Dialects: New York, Southern, British, Australian
Sports: Football, Baseball, Boxing, Golf, skiing (Snow), Weightlifting/Fitness.
Dance: Texas two-step, Old Skool pop & Lock, I'm really good at The Robot (Seriously)

STATS: Height: 6'1", Weight: 180, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown