The buzz on James Huffman...

"James - Just a quick shout-out to say how much I enjoyed working with you and seeing you bring Adam to life… EXACTLY the way I wrote him. It took me a while to cultivate Adam, but only four days for you to bring him to fruition, so thank you for that… you’re a talented actor to say the least."
Shawn Crane, Writer/Producer of THE AFTER-LYFE'S

"James Huffman's portrayal of Carter is commendable, as he both looks and acts the part of a literate, sympathetic, jack-of-all-trades who seems reconciled to not living up to his potential."
Fernando Valdivia, The Times Herald Record (review of THE KING'S HORSES)

"James Huffman has a wonderful way in expressing Will's feeling that breaking up is easy to do."

"You are truly a great actor. You have such a great ability to draw people to you immediately. That is what really impressed me about you from day one. And I'm so glad I made the choice to cast you. It was the right one!!" S.P. Riordan, Writer/Director LIGHT & LOVE (FringeNYC 2006)

"James Huffman is a naturally funny, inventive, high-energy actor. Those fine attributes especially came across during the cold reading of Mark Von Sternberg's hilarious feature screenplay "Superfan," for which James was near-perfect as the ultimate obsessed fan- a performance we'll fondly remember for some time."
Hy Bender, Screenwriter

"James Huffman is one of the more grounded, invested actors I've ever directed. His professionalism off stage is clear as day and his on stage character conviction is compelling to watch."
Dennis Hurley, writer/director "Oblivious" (Manhattan Rep. Theatre One Act Festival 2007

"Just wanted to send you a note saying thank you so much for participating in the Resurrection Men reading last night! It was so exciting (and nail biting), hearing it read. You were great as Billy Ray! Thanks for capturing his swagger so effectively." Jason Nunes, playwright