"A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end… but not necessarily in that order."
Jean-Luc Godard

"Directors Cut" of the opening scene from a recent promotional video created for Drake University Law School. Produced and Directed by James Huffman. 

Stefanie Speed is a mother of 3 living in Yorba Linda, California. She was diagnosed with Susac's Syndrome, a rare auto-immune disorder, in 2005. She is one of the first 100 people in the world to be diagnosed. 

This clip is a preview of an upcoming short documentary from filmmaker James Huffman, who teamed up with long time friend Nancy Goldhamer to help raise awareness about Susac's Syndrome and support Rare Disease Day 2016. 

Rare Disease Day takes place on the last day of February each year. The objective is to raise awareness amongst the general public and decision-makers about rare diseases and their impact on patients' lives.

"The Most Honest Form of Filmmaking is to Make a Film for Yourself"
Peter Jackson 

Time-lapse video shot by James Huffman on Lake Norman near Charlotte, North Carolina, December 2015 with the iphone 6 plus. Music: "Black Forest" by Radio Citizen

This is an imovie slash short film slash slide show tribute I put together for my Dad, Jerry D Huffman, who passed away on October 9th 2015. His funeral was Saturday, December 5th in Hickory, NC. My Dad was an accomplished and charismatic cat. He was Class President at Hickory High School (NC). He was the starting Quarterback for the Hickory High Red Tornadoes in 1957. He went to NC State as an undergrad and got his MBA at UNC Chapel Hill. He served as a Captain in the US Army. He was a veteran of the Vietnam War. After Vietnam he moved to NYC and started a successful career as a Marketing executive for a Japanese textile company. I always felt like Don Draper was created based on the life of Jerry D. Huffman. Jerry was an active part of the community in Ridgewood, NJ with his wife (My Mom) and two sons. Jerry's troubles caught up with him in the late 90's. He loved his country his family and his friends. He had a huge heart, but my Dad was also a troubled man who struggled with bipolar disorder and PTSD for more than 40 years. He spent the last 15 years of his life living in a Beacon House facility for Veterans out on Long Island. The song is called "Bird on a Wire" by Joe Bonamassa. I found this song to be moving, poignant and beautifully tragic. I feel like it really catches the essence of his life. We all love you Dad. You will be missed....

The official trailer for "Property in Practice" a video simulation series based on the book "Property Law: Practice, Problems, and Perspectives" by Jerry Anderson and Daniel Bogart. "Property in Practice" was Produced and Directed by James Huffman.

A short film by James Huffman. TRAILS is the story of several strangers mysteriously connected by one aimless street kid. (Music: "Lullaby" by JJ Grey & Mofro), starring Cordano Russell, Kristina Johnson, Jeremy Mascia, Annie To, Andre Myers, Jaffar Richardson, Owen Liebenberg, Debra Olson-Tolar and Elizabeth Bergstone and Min Hua Ai To.

"I couldn’t sleep one night and I was sitting in my office and I realized that I was an independent filmmaker."
Darren Aronofsky

Brand Ambassadors hit the streets this Summer for "I and Love and You," the coolest natural pet care company you'll ever want to meet. This is a sizzle reel for an experiential marketing campaign in the Summer of 2014. Produced and Directed by James Huffman. James was also the Los Angeles Marketing Manager for "I and Love and You."  


"332221222" is a short film I did a few years ago for NYU student filmmaker Rob Lockhart. My character is appropriately named "The Villian." An interesting factoid about this project is that the title is based on the name of a song by Don Ellis and the film goes as far as the music will take you. (PS: there are a few bad words)

The Playing Field (48HRFP)

Created as part of the 2008 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project, THE PLAYING FIELD was written by James Huffman and directed by Eric Jones. It features James Huffman, Anne Judson Yager, Chris Tessitore and Heidi Fielek. Produced by Indie City Entertainment, this film was submitted with minutes to spare and later nominated for "Best of LA 2008."

ESPN/Home Depot

An ESPN/Home Depot promo that aired every week during College Gameday in 2005.

Water Cooler of the Future

Available on ATOM.COM: "Web Comedy - The Way Nature Intended"

Technology of the future may sexually harass you if it doesn't kill you first. Written & Produced by Tim Keefe Directed by Ross Gabriel Sebek Starring: Andrew Heikkila as the Watercooler Ariana Citriani as Vicky James Huffman as Sam Peter D. Michael as Merv Michael Magor as Ray Camera Lance Kaplan 1st AD Mackenzie Smith Makeup Rose Lopez Sound Aaron Botwick Michael Magor Editor Charles K. Staples Soundtrack Producer Ben Holst.

TH Properties

A TH properties ad that ran regionally in MD, PA and DE. It also made an appearance during the 2005 Super Bowl (In MD, PA and DE).

Case of the Missing Dog

CASE OF THE MISSING DOG was a finalist in the 2006 NYC 48 Hour Film Project. Produced by filmmakers Meagan MacDonald and Megan "Cookie" Brennan, and featuring performances by Jessica Stone, Macon Blair and James Huffman, "Case of the Missing Dog" was an attempt to retain the championship status the two Megans acquired in the 2005 finals with their smash hit "Blown Glass" featuring Jeff Williams and Macon Blair. While the mostly unscripted short was an audience favorite at Sunshine Cinemas (143 E Houston), "Case of the Missing Dog," unfortunately, didnt take top honors.

Bored of the Rings (Clip)

From the 2003 comedy short BORED OF THE RINGS, written and directed by Steve Flynn. I Played Australian extreme athlete CALLUM BRODIE. In New York, RINGS won best comedy short at the Pioneer Theater Short Film Slam. RINGS also won best comedy short at the F4 festival in Fitchburg, MA; the Platinum award at World fest Houston; the Gold Medal Award for Comedy and the Silver Audience Award at the Crested Butte Reel Fest in Crested Butte, Colorado.


TH Properties commercial 2003 This commercial runs regionally in PA, MD and DE. The spot also ran during the 2004 Super Bowl in the same area. 2.62 MB
The Franklin Abraham This is a clip from THE FRANKLIN ABRAHAM , a short film, written and directed by renowned artist, Jonah Freeman. The film opened in Berlin in 2003, with exhibitions planned for New York and Paris this year. 1.83 MB
Bored of the Rings Here is a clip from the independent comedy short BORED OF THE RINGS, written and directed by Steve Flynn. I Played Australian extreme athlete CALLUM BRODIE. 2.21 MB
Bored of the Rings (long version) full version of BORED OF THE RINGS. RINGS won awards at Worldfest Houston, the Reel Fest in Crested Butte, Colorado and the Pioneer Theater Short Film Slam in New York. 2.05 MB
ESPN/Home Depot This is a national cable promo that ran during ESPN'S COLLEGE GAMEDAY show in 2004 28.9 MB
FOUR DEAD BATTERIES 2004 This is my clip from FOUR DEAD BATTERIES, an independent comedy (Currently available on NETFLIX), directed by Hiram Martinez 2.38 MB
Case of the Missing Dog A finalist in the 2006 New York 48 Hour Film Project. This film features performances by myself, Jessica Stone, and Macon Blair. 4.26 MB
trustbandit see the dark side of love 28.9 MB


Click "PLAY" on the music player below to listen to my US CELLULAR radio spot. I recorded this at RAZORBACK MUSIC in the summer of 2004.