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Jerry's Gravestone 

Dad's memorial plaque is now in place at Catawba Memorial Park in Hickory, NC. If you're ever in the area, stop by and say hi. I'm sure he would love it.....


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My Top 50 tracks of 2015 

Here we go again. My top 50 for 2015. These songs are not always "officially" released in 2015... they are simply songs that I personally discovered in 2015. For example, number 50 on this list, "Do Your Thing" is an old song that I heard watching the documentary "Rubble Kings" on Netflix. The movie is about the street gang scene in 1970's New York City and the subsequent birth of Hip Hop. Song #38 "Wrench and Numbers" is a drum solo track that I heard in FARGO (The F/X Series) Season 1. I love it.

So there is some Hip Hop in there, some Mainstream Pop, some Downtempo Electronic, Folk/Americana, some R&B... and some miscellaneous. These are all songs that shaped my year... songs that I found to offer some sort of comfort or inspiration... or songs that are just the jam... maybe some shit I simply HAD to Shazam. 

50) Do Your Thing- The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band 
49) Ex's & Oh's- Elie King 
48) Really Love- Body Language 
47) Goodbye Geoffrey Drake- Graffiti6 
46) Impossible- LION BABE 
45) Cream on Chrome- Ratatat 
44) When I Get My Hands on You- The New Basement Tapes 
43) Springful- Adult Jazz 
42) Uncertainty- Jagwar Ma 
41) Groove it Out- LoneLady 
40) Black Chicken 37- Buena Vista Social Club 
39) Good Life - Brassroots 
38) Wrench And Numbers- Jeff Russo (From Fargo, Season 1) 
37) Smooth Sailin'- Leon Bridges 
36) How Dare You- St Germain 
35) Let it Happen (Soulwax Remix)- Tame Impala 
34) Down the Garden Path- Felix Laband 
33) Til it's Gone- Yelawolf 
32) Jungle- X Ambassadors 
31) Sweat Shock- J Roddy Walston and The Business 
30) Fade Out Lines- The Avener (& Phoebe Killdeer) 
29) 10,000 Emerald Pools- BORNS 
28) I Will Be There- Odessa 
27) Boneless- Steve Aoki 
28) Turned Up- Ninjasonik 
27) Take it as it Comes- J Roddy Walston and The Business 
26) The Sticks- The Budos Band 
25) Baptism- Creepoid 
24) Honey & I- HAIM 
23) Let's Get Wrecked- Honeyhoney 
22) Come Save Me- Jagwar Ma 
21) Fool For Love- Lord Huron 
20) The River- The London Souls 
19) Truffle Butter- Nicki Minaj 
18) She Came to Give it to You- Usher 
17) The Perfect Parts- Shakey Graves 
16) Sweet Thang- Shuggie Otis 
15) How We Be- Sinkane 
14) Fallen Funk- Theo Parrish 
13) The River- Son Little 
12) Too Early - The Dream 
11) You Must Have Met Little Caroline- JD McPherson 
10) Future People- Alabama Shakes 
9) Quite Like- Her 
8) Left Hand Free- Alt-J 
7) Strong- London Grammar 
6) No Way (Bassnectar Remix)- The Naked and Famous 
5) Can't Feel My Face- The Weeknd 
4) Huarache Lights- Hot Chip 
3) Revolusion- Elliphant 
2) Dearly Departed - Shakey Graves 
1) Let Go (Feat, Kele & MNDR)

AND... here is the SOUNDCLOUD (alternate) version....


Product Liability- The Movie 

Last year, I produced and directed a series of videos for one of my publishing clients. It was based on a Tort Law Textbook written by a Professor of Law at Baylor University. This was an unusual situation because I did most of the writing for this series. Usually, this client will send me scripts and I coordinate and shoot them. This time they wanted to get this project wrapped and ready in a hurry so they sent me basic breakdowns for each lesson and asked me if I could write each vignette and add a little entertainment value to it. It was a really fun project and a few of the vignettes turned out great. The cast and crew enjoyed one of the episodes or "lessons" so much that we decided to make a short film out of it and submit it to some festivals. The submission fees for most of these festivals are not cheap... so I can't go crazy, but so far I've submitted to the Newport Beach Film Festival, the LA Comedy Fest and the International Hollywood Short Film Festival. Wish us luck. Coming soon to a theater near you.....

“Looking to reignite his passion for cooking- and jump start his career, a young chef finds inspiration (and a secret weapon) in a late night TV infomercial. "Product Liability" is a former learning tool for law students, pulled from the archives of educational videos at an anonymous institution of higher learning. ” 

Written by James Huffman 
Directed by James Huffman 


Isaac Cheung 
Cliff Smith 
Victor Chi 
Mercedes Manning 
Michael Passage 
Delpaneaux Wills 
Josh Spiegel 
Christy Mele 
Jazz Beitler 
Priscilla Adams 
Andre Myer 
 and Joe Eberlein as "The DJ."





Wow. What a film. Beautiful but incredibly Brutal. Be Prepared....

If you are sensitive to animals being killed or hurt, this one will be a rough ride. I mean... its a rough ride regardless. That bear attack scene? HOLY crap. DiCaprio was great. Tom Hardy was even better. Amazed that they shot the entire film using ONLY Natural light. The ending COULD have been better but STILL....

Great movie.


A couple of good shots from todays fashion shoot....

For #nationaldressupyourpetday Whitney is "FURRY-ously" festive in this Mexican #mardigras#mashup from Fashion Designer Kristen Huffman

Mitchell in a #bowtie and some #puppy #pompoms wishing everyone a HAPPY #NATIONDRESSUPYOURPETDAY!!!


Palos Verdes Orange Sky 

A Santa Barbara Island sighting from Portuguese Bend Reserve in Palos Verdes Saturday ‪Night. We Packed some chairs, some beers and assorted snacks... sat up there and watched the sunset...

#‎orangesky‬ ‪#‎california‬ ‪#‎coast‬ ‪#‎southerncalifornia‬ ‪#‎clouds‬ ‪#‎sunset‬ ‪#‎surreal‬

AND.... of course I had to capture some time-lapse video.... and add some music.....

 Music- "Liquid Solidus" by UberLab

One of the best things about living in Southern California is that there is no shortage of amazing sunsets.


Short Film in honor of Dad 

This is an imovie slash short film slash slide show tribute I put together for my Dad, Jerry D Huffman, who passed away on October 9th 2015. His funeral was Saturday, December 5th in Hickory, NC. My Dad was an accomplished and charismatic cat. He was Class President at Hickory High School (NC). He was the starting Quarterback for the Hickory High Red Tornadoes in 1957. He went to NC State as an undergrad and got his MBA at UNC Chapel Hill. He served as a Captain in the US Army. He was a veteran of the Vietnam War. After Vietnam he moved to NYC and started a successful career as a Marketing executive for a Japanese textile company. I always felt like Don Draper was created based on the life of Jerry D. Huffman. Jerry was an active part of the community in Ridgewood, NJ with his wife (My Mom) and two sons. Jerry's troubles caught up with him in the late 90's. He loved his country his family and his friends. He had a huge heart, but my Dad was also a troubled man who struggled with bipolar disorder and PTSD for more than 40 years. He spent the last 15 years of his life living in a Beacon House facility for Veterans out on Long Island. The song is called "Bird on a Wire" by Joe Bonamassa. I found this song to be moving, poignant and beautifully tragic. I feel like it really catches the essence of his life. We all love you Dad. You will be missed....

Bird on a Wire- In memory of Jerry D Huffman from James Huffman on Vimeo.



Rest in Peace.


Parting words. 

This was my speech delivered at the memorial service for Jerry Huffman at Bass-Smith Funeral Home & Crematory in Hickory, North Carolina on Saturday December 5th.

(Thought I would share... in case you weren't there)

"People loved to say his name. Down in Hickory, it was always “Jerry” “Hey Jerry.” “How are you Jerry?” spoken with a proud southern twang. In New York it was “JERRY” (Using my best Joe Pesci impression) “Hey JERRY... how you dooin?" People loved him. They really did. He was a special guy with a bright shining light. My Dad loved to connect with people. And he always managed to do that in a way that was genuine and unique to each and every person he knew. He sought to make his connections meaningful. He valued and cherished every single relationship.

Life is not about work, or money or material things. Life is about family and friends and the relationships you help create and cultivate. The success of those relationships are what make a person great.

We all had our own Jerry. I think even between my Brother and I… Dave’s Jerry was different from my Jerry. Danny’s Jerry was different from the Jerry that Horace or Lorene knew. Nancy’s Jerry was VERY VERY different from Donna’s Jerry or Julia's Jerry. That’s what was great about him. My Dad was a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

One of the underlying themes in his life was that of duality, contrast. There were times when he was bright, shining, brilliant. And there were times when he was dark and destructive. His life was a magical ride and tragic display of combat residuals. He was a Gemini. Sign of the Twins. He was a Tarheel, but he was also part of the Wolfpack. He was a Southern Boy living in New York City... and.. he suffered from Bi-Polar disorder.

The thing about being bipolar is that it’s a constant struggle to manage mood swings and medications. You can’t beat bi-polar disorder, you can only hope to contain it. So for the past 50 years, Dad did all he could to contain it. Sometimes he won. Sometimes he lost.

He always told me that he first knew he a had real problem when he was at boot camp, right before they shipped him off to Vietnam. He found himself smack dab in the middle of massive manic phase. They were calling him a super soldier because he was running circles around everyone else. He didn’t sleep. He didn’t stop. And on top of all that he was charming as hell. While the guys around him were incredibly impressed. He was scared as hell. But he pressed on. He didn’t really have a choice. I don’t know when that manic phase ended but I’m sure it got him through most of his tour.

When he came home, the depression set it… and that was the beginning of decades of a new war. His battle with bi-polar and of course PTSD. He would go through months of a feeling manic followed by months of unbearable sadness. His medications would help him normalize but they also robbed him of feeling much of anything. Which is often why he would end up going off the meds. He would stop taking his medicine and he would take off like a rocket into another manic phase… working, playing, partying and God knows what else. He would ride that wave as long as he could and if he was LUCKY, he would manage to get himself back on meds before he did too much damage. I'm sure you can see how that’s a dangerous game to play.

I’m sharing all this with you today because it’s not only important to understand where he has been, but where he is going. My Dad has done so many things. He was High School Class President. He was the Quarterback of the Hickory High Red Tornadoes. He got a world class education. He served his country and as a captain in the US Army, he led men in the Vietnam War. He survived. He came home.. started a promising career as a marketing executive in New York City and raised a family.

YES, he had his bad days. Bad months. Bad years. We all know that, but the fact that we are all here today is a testament to his true character.

So I think the most important thing to take away from today, from Jerry’s passing…. one thing we can do to honor Jerry.. is to always remember his light… his brilliance. His charm.

We should honor and appreciate the sacrifices made by our military servicemen and women. Our Veterans are physically, mentally and emotionally malnourished. They experience and endure things that most of us can't even fathom. When a young man goes to war for his country, his sacrifice goes far beyond the time he or she may spend in foreign lands, fighting in trenches, jungles and deserts. They witness daily atrocities. Their friends are murdered in brutal fashion. They kill men.. in similar fashion.. because we ask them to. That sacrifice is for more than a tour... that sacrifice will last a lifetime and that sacrifice... involves us all.

Please know that Jerry loved his country. He adored his family and friends. Please know that my Dad cherished his relationship with each and every one of you... and that it was indeed special and uniquely yours.

We can also honor him by never taking for granted our ability to fully feel the highs and the lows of life... to appreciate the full spectrum of vast human emotion....and recognize that we will always find true happiness in the balance.

May we all take comfort in knowing that Jerry D is finally… truly… free. Thank you."

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Jerry D Huffman - Obituary 

Jerry David Huffman (1940-2015)

Born in Hickory, North Carolina, June 4, 1940, he was the son of the late Horace Clifton and Jennie Lineberger Huffman. Jerry graduated from Hickory High School in 1958 and received a Bachelor of Science degree in textile technology from North Carolina State University in 1962. While at NC State, he was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. Upon graduation and completion of ROTC Activities, he was commissioned as an officer in the U. S. Army. While being assigned to the First Air Cavalry Division at Ft. Benning, Georgia, He served a tour in Vietnam with the division. After military service, Mr. Huffman received an MBA degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He joined Celanese Corporation, moved to New York and pursued a long career in Textile Marketing. Mr. Huffman is survived by two sons, James Clifton, married to Kristen Haryung Huffman, and David Christopher, married to Holly Gates Huffman; three grandchildren, Keller David, Casey Owen and Marley Rae Huffman; One sister, Lorene Painter, two brothers Horace Stratford Huffman and Daniel Frederick Huffman; as well many nieces and nephews.

Memorial services for Jerry will be held in Hickory, NC on December 5th. There will be a graveside service with military honors at Catawba Memorial at 1PM, a Memorial service in the chapel at Bass-Smith Funeral Home at 2PM with a reception to follow (also at Bass-Smith Funeral Home).

Contributions may be made in his honor to United Veterans Beacon House at 1715 Union Blvd, Bayshore, NY 11706.


I love you Dad.  

My Dad passed away yesterday, October 9th in Long Island, NY.

Dad, the journey to properly put you to rest has only just begun but I want you to know how much I love you and how much you'll be missed. You have always been my hero... through thick and thin.... the good times and the bad and I'm forever proud that were my Dad. I have so much more to write to share and express in light of your passing but in this moment I have to say that I am so incredibly grateful to you for all you've done for me, for Dave and everyone in our family. As I sit here, my heart is broken, but I am also SO happy for you.... because you finally know what it feels like to be free....