What a Walk off! Postseason Duds, Democrats and Republicans.

Happy Thursday.

First rain of the season for Los Angeles. I'm just happy that it finally feels like FALL out here. LA has way too many hot days in September and October. Hoping a little rain will help hose down the neighborhood too. Tell me you saw that Yankees game last night? Raul Ibanez homers TWICE to tie and then WIN the game for he Yanks... while he's in the line up PINCH HITTING for A-Rod... who has been a DUD this year in the postseason. A-Rod has been a DUD every postseason. Ok, except for 2009, in 2009 he had a pretty good post season. BUT RAH-OOOOL stepped in last night and did something A-ROD has never done. He whupped ass on a 12th inning fast ball for a walk off win at Yankee Stadium.

Here is the cover page from the NY POST this morning....

Freakin great game. I was screaming my head off. Scared the puppies. They should be used to that by now. Sorry guys.

Whitney & Mitchell are running around the apartment tackling each other right now. Cooler weather is dog weather. They are definitely feeling refreshed. We decided to start feeding them homemade meals. I was a little worried that they would have some trouble adjusting to a diet change but they handled it like little champs. In fact, their poops actually improved. They are popping out the firmest little, perfectly textured turds... makes me so proud.

We basically put a bunch of ground turkey in a pot with sweet potato, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, added some rosemary and turmeric and cooked it up in a pot. When we serve it we add some salmon oil or a powdered kelp supplement and BAM... the puppies get a hearty home made meal. They love it.

I'm going to get a little political here... for just a moment. I usually prefer to keep my political passions private. Mainly because there is such divisiveness between people who side with Republicans and democrats that I'd rather NOT know what a persons political persuasions are. It's the divisiveness that bothers me the most. We are all people of one republic. We are Americans. We all want to live happy productive lives. We want to laugh, love and spend holidays with those we hold dear. When we elect a President, we should support that President. We want him (or her) to succeed. If HE succeeds.... WE succeed. He is like the head coach of our favorite team. Even if we dont love the decision to make that guy the head coach, we still want to win. We stand behind the man who leads the charge because we want to WIN.

I don't see the point in picking a side and harboring negative feelings towards one faction or the other. I meet people like that and I have a hard time trusting them. It's not a great reflection of character. I like people who are capable of critical thought.... and quality critical thinking can shed light on all sides....  recognizes the complexitites...

So support the freakin President, whoever sits in the oval office. In honor of fairness, and equality and hope and all that is positive and productive.... Democrat or Republican... support the President of the United States of America. Don't be a douche.

Ok, so I'm not going to say I'm a Democrat, but I'm DAMN sure not going to say I'm a Republican. Maybe I'm independent? Undecided? I see strengths and weaknesses on all sides. I DO know that I think Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are really really funny. Pat Reilly.... not funny. Rush Limbaugh... no funny. All the clever political satire shows are overwhelmingly Democrat. How come there are no funny Republicans? They are all grouchy and unpleasant. Why is that?

I hate that the majority voice on the Republican side is predominately negative. Again, I can see the value of the Republican point of view, but why must they always come from a negative place?

AND....by the way... I'm still waiting for ONE person to say ONE thing positive and productive about Mitt Romney. All I see and hear are attacks on Obama and why we have to get Obama OUT of office... so we MUST vote Romney in...but WHY? Could someone PLEASE furnish ONE calculated and constructive statement that suggests Mitt Romney is worth my vote? Or ANYONE'S vote? I'm having a hard time finding that information.

I think we should keep Obama in office. Why? Because Romney doesn't seem to be the better choice... and nobody can come up with a decent list of reasons why he should be President. Because Obama is already in office, so in November, when the election is over... we can hit the ground running on fixing what's F%%%d up in this country. Plus, I think we should give Obama another 4 years because he has been on DAMAGE CONTROL for the LAST 4 years. When he took over, this country was a train wreck. Bill Clinton and George W Bush (notice I'm calling out a Republican AND a Democrat) made a massive surmountable MESS and Obama was subsequently elected and dropped in the deep, dirty hole that THOSE dudes dug.

AND... saving the best for last... lest we forget... Obama got Bin Laden... the most evil terrorist of our time was exterminated on HIS watch. That's worth another vote in my book.

I'm not saying that I'm a full on Obama believer. His legacy may become that of an ineffective President, but I think we should give him 4 more more years before we make that assessment. Let the man keep digging. He is not perfect. No President will EVER be perfect.... but he is doing a few things right. He has been making progress against obscene odds. As a country and as a community we are definitely better off than we were when he stepped in.

Alright, that's all I'm going to say about that.... AMC's "The Walking Dead" kicks off again this Sunday and I'm pretty excited.

Love that show.

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