The results are in...

A few photos from this past weekends random activites...

King Harbor Sunset

"King Harbor Sunset"

"Creating Cailey"

(Cailey is a friends one year old. We stopped by their freshly purchased house in Torrance to take a look and drop off some congratulations)

Winding Down in Puppy Town

"Winding Down in Puppy Town"

Baldwin Hill

"Baldwin Hill"

(Stairway to the top of Scenic Park in the Baldwin Hills section of Los Angeles)

Business Park Bike Race

"Business Park Bike Race"

(We happened upon an organized bike race on our way to the Strand Brewery, also located in a business park)

A Brewery Named

"A Brewery Named 'Strand' in Panorama Land"

King Harbor Sunset Part 2

"King Harbor Sunset Part 2"

Wind Down in Puppy Town 2

"Winding Down in Puppy Town 2"

(AAAAND.... )



(A couple of unannounced visitors on our patio this morning)

(Have a great week)

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