The next great skate update....

Wow... check this out.... cool as SH%%....

REALLY makes me want to go back out there with Elijah and Cordano and shoot more skateboard stuff (I think I may try to make that happen BTW). 

NO... not for the empty streets of LA stuff.... I mean that would be cool.... but not really necessary for the story I'm trying to tell. I think this ("Zoning") film needs more... better.... cooler skateboard footage... and NO... not on the Red.... Ee can get some good stuff with the cameras we've got.

I found this video (Someone on twitter shared) via an article on FAST COMPANY'S "CO CREATE" ("
a daily exploration of creativity in the converging worlds of branding, entertainment, and tech.")

That's it. I'm going to shoot some more skateboard footage for my upcoming short "Christopher Swift" formerly known as the "ZONING VARIANCE DIRECTORS CUT." I'm going to be focusing on TRAILS and trying to get that done and ready for festivals.... but soon Josh and I will start cutting the next short.... the skateboard/zoning hybrid that we've shot 80% of already. The title I decided on for this film is "Christopher Swift." That's the name of Elijah's character... and since the story centers around him and his journey.... I feel like its a good title.
Anyway, figured I would share that short, update you all... and drop a hint that I may be getting the band back together sometime in the near future... see if we can swing one or two more days to shoot a little more.


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