The Casting Process Proceeds....

Casting starts this week for "The Property & Tort Report." This project is a new legal themed series of video vignettes that I'm producing/directing. To submit, actors can find more details on LACasting and/or send head shot/resumes to Director James Huffman or Associate Producer Julia Grimm at

I wrote most of these. I have a handful of others that were more technical in nature and required some expertise. So someone else wrote for me....  I'm excited to shoot them all... but the ones I wrote... I'm really excited to shoot... I like the way they turned out. I was able to weave my vision as a director into each scene. The is my first time being PAID to write. The client is super happy with my work. Hopefully that will lead to more writing work in the future.

Here are a few breakdown highlights....

EDNA GOLD- Female, 55-75, Any Ethnicity. Edna is a long time member of her community. She is a genuine, honest, kind woman. She is very patriotic but she feels compelled to speak at a zoning hearing to protest the motion to open a halfway house in her town that will be designed to help military veterans. Appearing in the "Zoning Variance" episode.

CHARLIE CLARK - Male, 55-75, Any Ethnicity. Charlie is sort of cranky old timer. He owns and runs the local convenience store. While he complains about everything, deep down he loves his town and everyone in it. He doesn't like change. He appears at the zoning meeting to voice his concerns. Also appears in "Zoning Variance." Wardrobe: Mountain man comfort wear.

CHAIRMAN PHILIP WILSON - Male, 40-55, Any Ethnicity. Philip Wilson is the Chairman of the Planning and Zoning commission in Lancaster County. He is genuine, honest man with a good heart. He has a wife and three kids. He has a vast appreciation of his local government. He takes his role very seriously even though he has an easy going manner. "Zoning Variance."

SAUL SCADUTO - Male, 40-55, Any Ethncity. The character of Saul Scaduto was created in the vein of Saul Goodman from "Breaking Bad." He is the attorney who slithers around on the underside of the legal profession. He is a good lawyer who makes plenty of money, but he has a certain sleaze factor that precedes him. He meets with the owner of a new "Class A" office building in the hopes that he may become a tenant. That meeting doesn't go so well. Appears in the "Leases" episode. Wardrobe: two options>>> 1-Poorly fitted suit & tie. 2- Super sharp well dressed shady character.

ARNOLD AZARIAN- Male, 45-60. Armenian/Persian. Arnold is the owner of a Class A office building. He can be a shrewd business man and quite abrasive, but he has a big heart. One of his tenants wants to jump the lease and he agrees to allow this if she finds a replacement. Arnold meets with "Saul Scaduto," the replacement, and does not find Saul to be the type of person he would like to see conducting business in his building.

MITCH ("THE PITCH") - Male, 35-55. Any ethnicity. The ultimate infomercial pitch guy. He is Mr. Mega-Man with a microphone. He can sell anything. Mitch "The Pitch" appears in a short commercial for the "Gishu" set of professional grade knives. The commercial runs during the "Product Liability" episode.

MASTER CHEF OROKANA MUSUKO - Male, 35-55, Asian. Part of a fictitious infomercial, The Chef demonstrates the razor sharp "Gishu" knives at the "Oki Doki" Steakhouse.

SKATEBOARDERS 1, 2 & 3 - Male or Female, 12-16, Any Ethnicity. Looking for 2-3 good skateboarders with at least one who can do a trick or 2. We will shoot an intro sequence that showcases the skill and adventurous nature of the 3 amigos and then we'll what happens when they come across a pile of debris that might offer up an opportunity to bust out some grinds or kickflips. The lesson in this scene centers around legal liability in the case of injuries suffered while making unauthorized use of public and/or private property.

There are a handful of other roles being added next week. So stay tuned.....


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