Super Hero News

New project coming up with a new client. We came up with a cool...kind of funny way to present their company. Moving on to pre-production... including casting the following role....

NOW #CASTING the role of SHIZZANDRA (Female 21-35, any ethnicity) a new yet-to-be unveiled Super Hero. A top secret project for years, her supreme powers have been kept under wraps. Her pending presence in the supernatural Universe is about to become a reality. SHIZZANDRA is beautiful, brilliant and brave. She has incredible strength and the power to heal. SHIZZANDRA will soon be for real. Produced and Directed by James Huffman for indie city entertainment, this project is a corporate internet video series designed to showcase an established visual effects group based in Los Angeles. WARNING: This role requires comedy. Please email submissions (pic/resume) to

Posted a casting notice on LA CASTING late last night and woke up to 750 submissions. I gotta get to work.


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