"Suck it up Sunday"


What day is it? What time is it?

It's so damn hot my brain is wilting. Looking forward to this weeks cool down.

AND... no... I dont expect any pity from anyone. I realize that we get exceptional weather in Los Angeles... year round. The Southern California weather is very often stellar while the rest of the country faces brutal conditions, Summer AND Winter. Heat waves and winter storms... I see it all the time on GMA. 

Regradless, it's been HOT out here the past few weeks.

It was certainly HOT in Torrance this weekend. We had an all day shoot at the Haryung home on Sunday and this latest heat wave hung around just long enough to make things difficult. Normally, the weather in Torrance is great and the temperature in that house is calm, cool and comfortable. Not this weekend. This weekend it was hot and the breeze.. if you want to call it that... was useless.

THAT being said, we persevered. We prevailed. We sucked it up. We stuck it out. We had some fun. We got it done.

We shot 4 scenes on Sunday. All from different episodes of the latest corporate/legal film project I'm producing/directing, called "A Day in the Life (of a Lawyer): The Property Series." We basically partitioned the home and used 4 different areas that enabled us to create separate sets for each scene and avoid giving the impression that we shot all these scenes at the same house. At least, I hope we avoided it. Since all the scenes are part of separate episodes, I dont think anyone is going to notice. 

We shot one scene in the backyard, one scene on the side patio, one scene at the dining room table, one scene in the den, or TV room... and one scene in the living room... boom.... 4 scenes.

Aside form the heat, everything went great. Joy Sudduth, who has done a fantastic job for me as an actress on several of these corporate projects, was my Assistant Director and she was fantastic. We actually wrapped 45 minutes ahead of schedule and I owe that to her. She really rocked that role and I'm extremely grateful. 

All the performances were solid. I was happy with everyone's work... AND we managed to recruit a big group of family friends to come over and play background for the big funeral reception scene.

And there we were, a talented cast and crew, friends, family and all the support you could ask for... Kristen and Colleen were cooking away, preparing an amazing spread of refreshments and snacks... Kristen even cooked up burgers, hot dogs and sausages on the grill. I mean DAMN... We were firing on all cylinders.

Aside form the heat, we had kick ass day.

I owe a HUGE thank you to Kristen's parents, Cathy and Larry, for allowing me to hijack their house for a day... to the cast, crew and everyone who came over to stand around in the background, join in and contribute to the project...

THANK YOU Kingsley Opara, Alex Watson, Wes Greeson, Brad Potts, Joy Allegan, Josh Spiegel, Brian Cashen, Marie Acosta, Michelle Acosta, Colleen Haryung, Cathy Posthuma Haryung, Larry Haryung, Jaera Bryant, Larry and Mona Mangold, Christy Bennett, the talented little Owen Liebenberg, Tami Parker, Yvette Parker....

AND... last but never least, my amazingly beautiful and talented wife Kristen... She puts so much time and energy into helping me get these shoots done and especially into making sure everyone is fed and fed exceptionally well. She does it so well.

So... one again.... THANK YOU to everyone involved. We shot some great stuff and..... ASIDE FROM THE HEAT... it was an awesome day.

I especially love the fact that the whole day felt more like a big family BBQ than a corporate video shoot.

We need to do those more often....

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