Stay Classy Sacramento


How was your Thanksgiving? Better yet... how was your Black Friday? Did everybody go slap the shit out of some unsuspecting shoppers? Isnt that your duty as an American these days? How about Small Business Saturday? Any good Small Business Saturday parties going on in your town? Turkey Soup Sunday? Cyber Monday? Whip-it-Out Wednesday? Wait... Thats tomorrow.... FUN!!!

Why does everybody in Sacramento get all ghetto on Black Friday and start brawlin at the mall? What is WRONG with you people?

Have you noticed that? Almost every time the news reports some ugly Black Friday incident... it happened in Sacramento. Come on folks. get your shit together. If you cant go out and behave in a civilized manner... stay home. Stuff your face. Be with your family. A 25% discount on some stupid cell phone is hardly worth spending a night in jail, getting a black eye or a tooth knocked out... or having to explain to your kids why their Daddy and Mommy are the dumb asses on the news who get into fights at the Wal Mart. Show a little class.... Sacramento.... please.

Black Friday: Good for Economy. Bad for Community. BLUE LAWS on BLACK FRIDAY. Thats what I say.

I did a whole lot of nothing on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. WELLLL... thats not true...

On Turkey day I ate tons of food, drank a lot of beer and wine.... and watched 12 hours straight of NFL football. Thats right. Exactly the way our founders intended. Kristen and I spent the holiday in Torrance with Cathy, Larry & Colleen (and Mitchell, Whitney and cousin Alfie). Family time and Food was fantastic. Thank you to my wonderful Mother in-Law, Sister in-law and of course my kick ass wife and her kick ass cookin.

On Black Friday I actually ate more turkey and took the pups for a nice long walk along Portuguese Bend in Palos Verdes. Portuguese Bend region is a cool little South Bay hiking area.... the largest area of natural vegetation remaining on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, actually. Once slated for development, the area is geologically unstable and is unsuitable for building. So it remains an assortment of trails that wind through the canyons over there and overlook the ocean. You can also see Catalina Island from Portuguese Bend, whihc makes for a nice scenic bonus. Mitchell & Whitney loved it. They could care less about Catalina Island, but they definitely enjoyed waling the trails, sniffing stuff and barking at other dogs. It was much hotter than expected so we cut it short... but still worth the trip.

Mitchell & Whitney have been very happy with the extra turkey they've been getting in their food lately.

Korean Pop Star is out there floating around in the pop star Universe

So TOMORROW I'm shooting that PSA for SoCal Gas. It's my first booking as an actor in a principal role in quite a while. Looking forward to that. Not sure WHERE or what time tomorrow. I'm expecting call sheet sometime today. The gig is a quirky little spot that I THINK is intended for the internet. Maybe the Socal Gas website or something like that. I dont think it will be airing anywhere on TV. But hey... its a gig. Hopefully I'll get on a hot streak and book a few more in 2013. Cheers to that.

While I'm sitting here writing, Kristen, my amazingly beautiful and studious wife is doing homework for her Math class, we are listening to the new album SNOW ANGELS by a band called OVER THE RHINE. I just downloaded it for free on It's actually pretty good. Christmas themed. A few holiday originals and a few traditionals from an "Over The Rhine" perspective.

You can get the free download here:

Also.... if your interested...

I tend to save all the online filmmaking links and lessons and tidbits that I find useful on my Google Plus profile. I've compiled quite a list of material. If you like that sort of thing... I'm happy to share:

(I havent quite figure out how to customize a hyper link or perma link to my Google Plus profile... I'll get right on that.)

PS: I just dug this up>>>>

Get A Custom Google+ Vanity URL >>>

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