Seeking Associate Producer...

So.... I'm producing/directing a new series of vignettes for my legal publishing client and I'm looking for an associate producer to help me get this project rolling and keep it rolling. I'll need help with everything from casting to location scouting to possibly being a production coordinator slash First AD on set. There will be more work like this in the future, so I'd like to establish a working relationship with one or two organized, aspiring producers to cover essentials, fill in the gaps, network and help me handle things in a timely manner. This current project and subsequent future projects would all be paid. Based on the budget (which tends to vary) I usually pay a flat day rate that averages around $150. If that works for you and you are interested slash available, please write me a brief personal note to let me know you're interested and I'll reach out to a select few to arrange a phone interview and possible a meet & greet. Please don't copy & paste a generic cover letter. I never hire people that do that. Thanks! Look forward to speaking with you.

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