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Finding time to write stuff for this blog is becoming more and more challenging. Business is picking up. Momentum is starting to build for indie city entertainment. My team and I shot a few small jobs in February that have led to referrals... which is now leading us to more jobs in March. Which is fantastic. We had a great shoot yesterday afternoon and I'm flying out to DC tomorrow to shoot for a day at Georgetown University. Momentum is starting to build with my pet food company as well. When I'm done in DC, I'm flying to Boulder for another meeting slash brainstorming session with the chiefs and other regional managers at "I and Love and You." We'll be collaborating and strategizing for a couple days there and I'm back to LA. I shoot again for one of my new clients and then the Natural Products Expo kicks off in Anaheim on March 6th. Everything is going great.

I've put together a really great production team, so I'll be able to take on plenty of new business without me actually having to be present at every shoot. I've also got a fantastic AD (Assistant Director) slash AP (Associate Producer) who is also my wife who can handle so many things that need to be handled when I'm handling other things. 

Things are clicking. We are going to run with it.

I HAVE had some time to watch a few more movies. I'm still determined to see all 50 movies from the Paste Magazine "50 Best Movies of 2014" article I read a while back.


I should have seen them in that order. I might be in better mental and emotional shape right now. ALICE and OVERNIGHTERS are both really depressing... BUDAPEST is much lighter and more entertaining... would have a great way to wrap up the trilogy.

"Alice Howland, happily married with three grown children, is a renowned linguistics professor who starts to forget words. When she receives a diagnosis of Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease, Alice and her family find their bonds thoroughly tested. Her struggle to stay connected to who she once was is frightening, heartbreaking, and inspiring."

Julianne Moore was amazing. Her performance was MORE than worthy of an Oscar (congratulations btw). The acting was good across the board in this film. Everyone was great. Its just SO... DAMN.... SAD. This woman starts having issues early in the film and it all goes downhill from there. This movie is heartbreaking a relentless. You get to a point where you just need a 5 minute break from the heartbreak. You don't ever get that break. 

I dont know if this is based on a true story but I would have loved to see some sort of bounce back moment where she shows some significant improvement and copes with her life and family knowing that this "remission" is just an illusion of some sort and that she will inevitably deal with more decline. But no... she loses it and loses it and loses it while her family all struggle to deal with it in their own way. She DOES see a rebirth in the relationship with her youngest stubborn/free-spirit daughter... but ithe sadness if BRUTAL.

Kristen and I walked out of the theater with everyone else... in this silent and somber single file line... swallowing hard feelings.... this guy walking about 4 feet in front of us let out a huge FART. Kristen and I looked at each other Kristen said "Was that you?" I was like "No" while I discreetly pointed between the guy in front of us and the old woman walking with him... and suddenly we were hysterical. We were stuck in the middle of this slow moving mass of theater goers... desperately trying to contain a much needed explosion of laughter. We waddled along in this scrum of senior citizens, getting closer and close to the wide open parking lot.. our hands over our mouths... covering our snickering and protecting us from potentially hazardous vapors. As soon as we saw an opportunity, we darted off to safety and ran as fast and as far away as we would... hoping to find a safe zone. We got to the car and sat there cracking up for a good 10 minutes.


"A modern-day Grapes of Wrath, award-winning documentary The Overnighters is an intimate portrait of job-seekers desperately chasing the broken American Dream to the tiny oil boom town of Williston, North Dakota. With the town lacking the infrastructure to house the overflow of migrants, a local pastor starts the controversial "overnighters" program, allowing down-and-out workers a place to sleep at the church. His well-meaning project immediately runs into resistance with his community, forcing the clergyman to make a decision which leads to profound consequences that he never imagined."

MAN, this was a really good documentary but also heartbreaking. The harsh reality of day to day life for everyone in this community really makes you want to stop, drop and say some grace for the comforts and love in your own life. Also, an interesting coincidence... seeing this film in the past few days with all this Keystone Pipeline stuff going on. It's easy to see how that project, if enabled, would create a similar dynamic in all those small towns that lay in the wake of the line... and how many would suffer some of the same consequences.

PS: I'm against the Pipeline. I'm against fracking. I'm glad President Obama vetoed the bill. I'm also AMAZED that there are people out there supporting that thing... and blasting Obama for trying to shut it down. What the hell is it going to look like out there when we have that pipeline passing through Montana, or Oklahoma.... or Texas... and some sort of accident creates an oil spill? The consequences can be CATASTROPHIC, people. There is NO F%%% way you can say that won't happen. Odds are... it WILL. It's NOT worth the risk. PLUS... Aren't we supposed to be finding alternate forms of energy? Shouldn't we be spending time and money on REINVENTING our relationship with the Earth and its energy sources. Inventing NEW ways to survive? It's like civil rights for African Americans. It's like Gay Marriage. Fruition is INEVITABLE. It's an concept that is HERE TO STAY. Not going away. Okay put aside Black and Gay rights for a moment.... We HAVE to get over our dependency on... addiction to... crude oil... and find cleaner, better ways to provide the world with energy... there are no ifs ands or butts about it... again... the issue is here to stay... it will not go away... and building a a pipeline right through the heart of our country is a mistake... it's a HORRIBLY reckless endeavor...  a MAJOR step in the WRONG direction. Get over it. Stop barking about it. If you support it... and you succeed, you'll be sorry. We'll all be sorry.

Okay that all I have to say about it. So let's all get out there and start pedaling stationary bikes to light up our homes. They do that shit in Africa... seriously. They do.

I don't have time to write about The Grand Budapest Hotel. Maybe tomorrow. I DID enjoy it though


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