Product Liability- The Movie

Last year, I produced and directed a series of videos for one of my publishing clients. It was based on a Tort Law Textbook written by a Professor of Law at Baylor University. This was an unusual situation because I did most of the writing for this series. Usually, this client will send me scripts and I coordinate and shoot them. This time they wanted to get this project wrapped and ready in a hurry so they sent me basic breakdowns for each lesson and asked me if I could write each vignette and add a little entertainment value to it. It was a really fun project and a few of the vignettes turned out great. The cast and crew enjoyed one of the episodes or "lessons" so much that we decided to make a short film out of it and submit it to some festivals. The submission fees for most of these festivals are not cheap... so I can't go crazy, but so far I've submitted to the Newport Beach Film Festival, the LA Comedy Fest and the International Hollywood Short Film Festival. Wish us luck. Coming soon to a theater near you.....

“Looking to reignite his passion for cooking- and jump start his career, a young chef finds inspiration (and a secret weapon) in a late night TV infomercial. "Product Liability" is a former learning tool for law students, pulled from the archives of educational videos at an anonymous institution of higher learning. ” 

Written by James Huffman 
Directed by James Huffman 


Isaac Cheung 
Cliff Smith 
Victor Chi 
Mercedes Manning 
Michael Passage 
Delpaneaux Wills 
Josh Spiegel 
Christy Mele 
Jazz Beitler 
Priscilla Adams 
Andre Myer 
 and Joe Eberlein as "The DJ."


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