nuisance in the neighborhood

So.... puppy life is great.... house-training is coming along..... Mitchell & Whitney are so incredibly cute that its hard to NOT feel happy when they are bouncing around and jumping in to your lap... but I'm seeking advice on a new puppy issue. Whitney, the lady pup, is barking at everything. She barks at other dogs, barks at people in the hallway... on the elevator and on the street. She doesnt really get "aggressive" with other dogs. She is usually wagging her tail and then she'll lower herself and be submissive and playful... but she barks the whole time... so SOME dogs takes offense to it and its initiates a tense encounter. She has made a few friends. She's made a few enemies.

With people, its a little different. She's reached a point where she pretty much barks at everyone. It's obnoxious.

I'm trying to figure out what to do. She is becoming a huge nuisance in the neighborhood.

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