NoFilmSchool, Speaking of Aaron Sorkin and Scratching the Surface Myself

I read an article online yesterday. Actually I read TWO articles online yesterday (Thats right. I'm a big reader). The first article was on, it was an article about Araon Sorkin, the new HBO show THE NEWSROOM and the Art/Craft of writing good dialogue.

I find many great nuggets of information on The mission of this website and blog resonates with me primarily because I am a filmmaker who didnt go to film school.

NoFilmSchool is a site for DIY filmmakers and independent creatives. The site focuses on tools and technology relevant to filmmakers, writers, directors, editors, producers, cinematographers, bloggers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

So I started with "Sorkin on Sorkin: Learn Dialogue Techniques from the Man Himself"

Speaking of Aaron Sorkin, if you haven’t seen the first episode of The Newsroom, you should go check it out right now, or at least watch the first scene. In a recent GQ article, Sorkin writes about his own material, specifically how he arrives at the dialogue for the first scene in that episode of The Newsroom. Writing good dialogue is not easy...

The NoFilmSchool article is basically a teaser for an article published online by GQ Magazine. So naturally, this article lead me to.... "How to Write an Aaron Sorkin Script, by Aaron Sorkin"

AND THIS article lead me to my cable box and my HBO On Demand where I watched the series premiere episode of THE NEWSROOM.... and that opening scene... brought me to tears.

I'm serious. I teared up watching that scene. NOT expecting that kind of reaction at all. But I was moved by the scene and the speech given by Jeff Daniels character. Daniels plays Will McAvoy, a cable news anchor whose success has been rooted in pandering to viewers. He was asked to describe why he thinks America is the greatest country in the world. You could tell he was uncomfortable with the question. He didnt want to answer. He joked and quipped, tried to play if off but after being pushed to answer truthfully. He decided to let it fly... off the handle.... kind of .... depends on your perspective. What he said rang so true. It was hard to hear. Brutally honest. Strong words that made me sad. It WAS a demonstration of great writing. It was also a little piece of social commentary that hit home for me. More like punched me in the stomach.

The rest of the show was really good too. I don't know if I was hyper-sensitive to it as a result of reading my daily max of TWO ENTIRE online articles... but the rhythm, pace and the cadence between a quality cast of dynamic characters grabbed my attention and captivated me quite well for the duration of the show.

My favorite line was from Sam Waterson's character. He gets in the face of a young hot sot TV producer and in the heat of the moment he says "I am a marine and I will beat the sh-- out of you, no matter how many protein bars you eat."

I loved that line. Probably because i eat a lot of protein bars (and get a lot of shit for it).

I vow to to abstain from protein bars today. Just for today.

OK, before I go....

We shot Day One of TRAILS of GRAY yesterday and man, we busted our ass. We started super early and we hiked about 2 miles with all of our gear. We didn't get the weather we wanted, but we worked with what we had. I'm happy with the footage so far. We made good use of the early morning sunlight. Jeremy Mascia and Kristina Johnson did a really nice job. We found some really nice moments. We barely scratched the surface but we got some work done. We had some fun. More on Sunday.

I had time and presence of mind to take ONE production still....

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