Morning Page #101432: "Super Shade Of Retrograde"

Be the Bee. Be Busy Bound. Early Burly workaround. Freestyle writing ground and pound. Morning Page Monster sound. What the heck does THAT mean? Dont judge. Directing that to myself. Spent a lot of time this weekend working. Working on the new PhysiPet commercial. Which is almost ready. Should be able to post sometime very very soon. Working on casting the new corporate/legal project. Going through the videos. Emailing notes to actors. Matching up types to characters. Making choices. Saturday, I auditioned for BUTTERFLY DUST, a short film written by my old LA roommate Eric Jones. Surprised by how nervous I got at that audition. I felt fine until I got there and sat in the waiting area. I guess the pressure of auditioning for Eric started to get into my head. I didnt have a meltdown or anything. I just felt a lot more anxious that I would have liked. Hard to say how I felt about my audition. Definitely dont think I nailed it. I can say that. After the audition it was back to work. Started testing out a few website design sites to get my new INDIE CITY ENTERTAINMENT website off the ground. Test drove WIX, SQUARESPACES, NETWORK SOLUTIONS. Hoping to get something up by the end of the week. Mostly to showcase all the corporate work Ive been doing over the past few years. I'd like to showcase my web series work and film work, but I think I need to come up with some better stuff to show. I'm still working on the short film that I shot last Summer, TRAILS OF GRAY is not going very smoothly. The editor and I are having momentum issues. So the project is dragging. I'm actually trying to learn Final Cut myself... but I wont be able to get proficient enough any time soon to start carving my masterpiece. Looking for more marketing/sales work these days. Looking. Looking. Still looking. Popping out resumes left & right. Had a few interviews, had a few leads fall through. Bundaberg didnt work out. Neither did The Greenhouse Agency or Attack Marketing. Keep at it. Don't stop the pop. Summer is around the corner and many beverage brands be coming to town looking for help. I have a pretty extensive background in beverage sales and mktg... so I usually am able to attach myself to a new bev brand that needs some market presence in LA. Might just find myself wearing some sparkling beverage's logo in the near future. Do what I gotta do. I DO have a few video projects coming up to produce/direct. Would love to be busy enough to sustain on that stuff, but its very inconsistent. Had a pow wow with my one client last week and they promise to keep me busy. more work over the next few months (hence the new website project), but I'm still trying to at least pick up another seasonal beverage FMM gig. Mans got bills to pay and a wife to keep happy. Well, Happy Monday everybody. Happy Happy Monday! Clean slate Save the date. Have a good week.... and dont forget... we can wrap it all up with some Green beer and cabbage. Looking forward to a St Patty's Day Parade... and ESPECIALLY looking forward to the end of Mercury's Retrograde. If you dont now what I'm talking about.... look it up. AND As far as video projects... please people... keep your eyes and ears open for anyone that might need some quality video production services for very reasonable prices. Seriosuly, I need to start hitting up family and friends for leads. Ive got access to some of the of the best filmmakers and crew members... not to mention actors... here in LA... and I can do it for cheaper than anywhere else they might be looking... Working on my pitch but that my bare bones selling point.

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