Morning page #1,846,102: "No time for the sun. Too proud to run."

Making up a mixed mash up morning page. Thats right. Back to one of a favorite creative exercise. Regular and irregular writing with no regard to repurcussion. I'm letting it out. Letting it fly. Spray my words on the sky. All I can think about is canned coffee and puppies. coffee and puppies. Coffee and puppies COFFEE AND PUPPIES. I have a short film project to think about. Too bad the film is not about canned coffee and puppies. Totally missed the solar eclipse. Heard about it sort of sideways but never cared enough to go celebrate. But for those that did, I'm sure it was amazing. All the pictures on Facebook look pretty cool. Of course the coolest picture Ive seen of the solar eclipse is the one from space. Sort of unfair when you're shooting Instagrams in space. I'm feeling really OLD lately. My foot pain is still there. I think it's plantar fasciitis, which is a condition that seems to have no cure. One of those wait it out and hope it goes away situations. Although that's pretty much my philosophy on ALL my symptoms and conditions. My work with illy issimo requires a lot of physical work. I'm out there burning calories like crazy while I'm setting up, moving hundreds of cases from one side of the van to the other, shifting big heavy boxes and installing a branded serving bar that weighs about 80 pounds. I actually like the physical work. But, I'm on my feet a LOT. After a long week of lugging heavy things around, driving the sprinter van from place to place AND engaging with the public in a positive, polite and professional manner, my back is stiff, my hands are shredded and my freakin FOOT hurts man. I'm stretching like crazy but I'm not really feeling like I'm making any progress. Speaking of progress, I think we are definitely getting somewhere as far as housetraining the pups. They are not perfect and have yet to master the art, but the incidents in the house and on the rug are steadily decreasing. I'm basically walking them as much as possible and giving them a lot of praise when they poop outside. You've never seen a man as happy and enthusiastic as me when one of those puppies poops outside. Whitney and her habit of barking at roughly 90% of everything we encounter on the street didnt sit so well with a scary homeless guy who was picking food out of the garbage the other day. We had to walk right past him to get by, which meant we came within 3-4 feet of him. The day before, there was a homeless guy diggin through the same trash, but Whitney didnt bark at him and he just went about his business. This NEW guy turned to face us and had a serious case of wild eyes. He lookked like he was roughly the same age as me, maybe younger... and he was about the same height and weight. He looked at Whitney and took a couple of steps in her direction. I REALLY thought he was going to try and kick her. I also thought I was going to have to throw down with this dirty ass homeless man. I managed to pull her away fast enough and we passed quickly. But it wasnt over. This guys started slowly walking after us. He wasnt moving very fast, but he was definitely walking down the sidewalk in our direction. Whitney was still barking at him and he was muttering his own version of choice words. I couldnt really make out ALL of what he was saying, but I could tell he was spouting off some troubling sentiments. I was walking away, but kept checking back to kep my eye on him and make sure he wasnt getting to close. This guy was getting on my nerves and my natural instinct was to tell him to f%%k off, but I knew that I'd be better off staying cool so as not to trigger anything or escalate the situation. I've been around street people and crazy people many many times. East Coast and West Coast... and I'm usually ok. But this guy was making me nervous and I felt like I might be in danger... or more importantly, the puppies could be in danger. I kept thinking about what I could do with the Whitney & Mitchell if I had to defend myself. 50 feet down the street and this guy was still walking slowly in our direction. He wasnt gaining ground or anything, but he was definitely still talking to me. Then the whole thing took a turn for the worse. JUST when I thought I had created enough distance between the crazy guy and myself... Whitney had stopped barking... and we had resumed our casual pace... this guys starts on a full stride sprint down the sidewalk... and he was coming our way. My heart jumped up into my throat. My adrenaline started surging. My first thought was how to how to knock this guy out when it got close enough, but I had the puppies. I thought maybe I could pull that trick where I stand there motionless and let him charge. Hold that position until the very last minute and then duck.... hopefully he would OVER pursue and go flying over me. That would still be putting the puppies in harms way. And if he DIDNT over pursue... I might be the duck. I started thinking that the safest option would be to pick up the puppies and run... but I did NOT want to run. Too proud to run. I did NOT want to let this guy force me to flee. This is MY street. This is my block. Ok... maybe I dont own the street or the block, but I LIVE right here.... I mean C'mon... that was probably MY garbage he was just eating. Regardless, I started to lean down so I could get a good grip on them both for our getaway... and then the guy stopped. He just stopped and stared. There we were... about 30 feet part... looking at each other. Two guys with wild eyes.... one with a puppy in each arm... ready to go to war. Not really, I was ready to run, but THANK GOD this guy stopped. He turned around and walked back to that garbage can, picked up his back pack and is other assorted belongings and walked off. Took me a few hours to come down from that. I gotta figure out how to get her to stop barking at people.

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