Monday Hyundai Hangover


Slept like a Dead Man last night.

Because I didnt sleep Saturday night at all.

I got a call Thursday afternoon asking if I was available to work Friday thru Sunday as a driver/brand ambassador for Hyundai. I'm trained as a Brand Ambassador for the Hyundai Equus and the Hyundai Genesis... So I'm equipped with all sorts of helpful information about each vehicle and prepared to engage in friendly conversation with curious consumers at any moment.

Of course, when I'm working... I'm basically a driver.... and this weekend was another 72 hours of activities with a certain Korean pop star and his entourage. I picked a bunch of them up at LAX Friday morning and it was off to the races from there. We hit a dozen restaurants and the occasional Korean grocery store in K-Town over the course of the weekend. Saturday night there was an all day recording session in Hollywood and a performance at the House of Blues. They actually went BACK to the studio after the show at House of Blues to finish what I think is the next huge hit by this certain unidentified Korean pop star.

That's what kicked my ass Saturday night. There were two cars/two drivers and we took everyone over to the studio after the show at House of Blues and then we sat and waited... and waited.... and waited. Our next destination was a private airport in Van Nuys. The whole crew was packed and ready to fly to Vegas (apparently headed to France after the show in Vegas) The original departure time was 1:30AM. Then it was changed to 3:30AM. When we left House of Blues and went back to the studio, it was bumped to 5:00AM.

At 5AM, we were still waiting. They all came out around 5:45AM and we hauled ass out to Van Nuys and they got on their private jet. To quote one of the guys from the new LA Based management team...

"We're gonna PJ to Vegas and PJ to Paris."

(PJ standing for Private Jet)

So I finally got home at 6:30AM. 6:30 is what time I usually take the puppies out for their first walk, so when I got home since I was all jacked up on coffee, sugar and energy drinks, I took Mitchell & Whitney out for a long walk and good run-around at the park. It was REALLY early obviously and still kind of dark, so I had to keep an eye out for Coyotes. I took the pups over to the playground where they could run around and wrestle in the sand at the jungle gym, which is fenced in. Coyotes cant get to us in there... and they LOVE to race around in the sand. Hilarious to watch because they cant run as fast as they want, so they push and push... as hard as they can... but can only move so fast.... it's funny.

Anyway, we had a nice early AM workout session. I'm out there fully clothed with a shirt and tie. I'm sure I looked like some guy on drugs or possibly a hit man... with two little puppies at the park. usually when you see people out walking their dogs at the time... they are in clothes that you can tell they just threw on. People are wearing sweats or some odd assortment of comfort clothes. I'm wearing black pants, a white shirt and a black tie.

What was stranger than my morning dog walk attire was the fact that there were a few Mexican guys at the park "holding" a table at the park. I was like "Really? is the competition to secure a good spot at the park on a Sunday SO tough that you have to get out here at 6:30AM with all your picnic shit to score a table?"

But they were there, lawn chairs, coolers and big bags of chips.... 6:30 on a Sunday morning... looking at me like I'M crazy.

After the walking and feeding the puppies (The home made diet is working wonderfully btw), I was faced with a decision" Do I go to sleep or stay awake? I could sleep all day.. but then I screw up my timing... plus my poor wife would up all day Sunday with me passed out in the bedroom. Then I would wake up later and be up all night.

Plus, the Giants came on at 10AM and I certainly wasnt going to sleep though that. so I RE caffeinated.... stepped up and stayed up.

WATCHED THE GIANTS BEAT THE REDSKINS WITH a 71 YARD BOMB FROM ELI TO VICTOR CRUZ WITH A MINUTE LEFT IN THE 4th QUARTER.... HELLL YESSS....and spent the rest of the day hangin with my lovely wife and two puppies.

Life is good.

Slept like a Dead Man last night.... but Life is Good.

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