Last Monday of the Year

Goodbye 2013...

A pretty good year. Not bad. I'm still here. We made progress and progress is good.

In 2014, lets keep it healthier and happier in the hood.

It's going to be a good year. I can feel it.

I came across this tweet this morning that features an article posted, coincidentally, on my birthday....
I especially like # 4: “Just say ‘yes’ and then figure it out later.”

The "Just Say YES" mantra is something that was drilled in to my consciousness on a daily basis back when I was part of a long-form "Harold" style improv group in New York. I loved working with that group and my experience there really helped me raise the bar as an actor. Long form improv groups can create amazing, wildly imaginative and entertaining scenes on stage, keep an entire 45 minute performance fresh and thematically connected AND keep an audience engaged without any scripted material or planning... #1 by learning to discard inhibitions.... #2 by working together as a team and trusting each other.... but also by honoring a specific set of rules and guidelines.

Saying YES is rule number #1. You MUST say YES for the scene to move forward. You must say YES to empower your teammates. Without a YES, you will find it very difficult to achieve much of anything...

To expand on that point a little bit:

I also like # 3: “Connecting and collaborating are your most powerful keys to success as an entrepreneur.”

I'm hoping to do a lot more collaboration and coworking this year. I want to collaborate more with other writers, producers and directors. I think I might take advantage of a few open house offers from some of the cool coworking spaces in LA. See how that feels.

I'm also going to be expanding indie city entertainment. Expanding as in opening and developing a new division, which will be the social media division. I'll be collaborating and partnering-up with a few others to get this facet of indie city rolling and we'll be pursuing new clients with the intention of handling their socila media activities. We'll be offering our services at very reasonable rates to get started. Many of our introductory discounts will probably come in the form of lo-to-no fee social media management or consulting for the first month.

I realize that social media "experts" and "geniuses" and "gurus" are a dime a dozen these days, but what I want to do is help brands and businesses find a better voice Help them build an engaging and likeable character and put some personality behind the presence. We won;t be doing anything that hasnt been done, but we'll be doing it our way... which I believe is a better way. 

Plus I'd love to be able to connect the video production work with the social media work. If I can produce a video, or a series of videos for a client, I can also promote the videos through various social media channels.

Ive already starting working with one new client. Its just for the next few months and I'm doing it for dirt cheap. Really what hoping to do here is get my hands dirty, try a few things, learn a few things.... All I want out of the deal is a decent endorsement.

On that note, in case you're curious, here is a list of social media links that Ive been working on and experimenting with for the past couple of years. Some are done better than others. Some are for me, personal accounts used for fun and also to promote my work across the board (writing, directing, acting, ect). Some are to create a presence for "indie city entertainment" which will serve as my production company and my social media management division (which I believe will be called "indie city social"). I created a twitter account for our puppies to help promote "I and Love and You" (pet food products that I rep in SoCal), but I also just wanted to a place to post and share all the pics we take of them... because we happen to take quite a few. Interesting to see what the give and take is when cute pictures of pets are involved. AND... I have done some social media stuff while in production of my short film "Trails of Gray," which has now become simply "Trails."

New URL on Google +


Let me know what you think. Looking forward to a new year.....


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