HELP! My skin is itchy

I've had issues with itchy skin for almost 5 years now. Sadly, I've become fragile in my old age. Kind of embarrassing, I'll be honest. What's been REALLY frustrating is I havent been able to figure it out. At first, I thought I was just sensitive to certain laundry detergents. I, of course, was just buying the cheapest, crappiest laundry soap on the shelf. Then I started getting little rashy spots on my legs, or my back. I tried a few different detergents and ended up settling on some stuff made by Method. You can buy it at Target. It seemed like the problem had been solved, but slowly those little breakouts started happening again. I thought it was bath soap, bar soap, body lotions, certain FIBER blends in my shirts. I started to think it may be a dietary situation. I stopped eating dairy. Started a crusade against cheese. I took a break from Nuts. Stopped having protein shakes with Whey. Started using Vegan protein, then I became suspicious of STEVIA. I've been driving my poor wife crazy with all my itchy, rashy, rationale and deductive experimentation.

So Anyway... Check out what I just bought.

Nellie's NLS-50 All Natural Laundry Soda 

Willing to give it a shot. Some of the testimonials on Amazon look promising:

I have used this product for years. My granddaughter has sensitive skin and it is the only laundry product that doesn't cause a rash and itching."

"Can't use anything with dyes, perfumes, enzymes or whiteners. So products like Tide and Method are out for us."

Another new detergent. Hooray. I was back to drawing board this morning after I spent the weekend in carefully washed clothes, avoiding ALL foods that are on my WATCH list. And STILL... ended up with itchy rashy skin.  I was doing some more reading on skin allergies this morning and I'm now thinking that Method may actually be the culprit. The label says that it uses an "ultra concentrated plant-based technology" but I dont know... it also says right on he label "MAY IRRITATE SKIN." Thats not good. So, yeah, lots of big scary sounding words in the list of ingredients. Not exactly sure WHAT'S in it. I DO know my wife is sick of hearing about it. At some point way back when, I got into my head that this Method stuff was safe and that my skin reacted positively. Which it did. I think. Method is now going on the "Watch List." I've been wearing shorts the past couple of days and suddenly my lower legs, which had become recently irritated and inflamed after wearing JEANS for a few days straight....  well my lower legs are all healed up and no longer itchy... at all.

I'm still skeptical. I'll try this NELLIE'S stuff and see what happens... I want somehting that wont irritate me but its GOT to get the clothes clean. I've been reading a lot of complaints about "Natural" and "Organic" and Eco-Friendly" detergents that dont quite get the job done. There are few other products out there that people recommend.

I tried using DR BONNERS Peppermint Castile soap as a laundry detergent.... and I WILL say that it works surprisingly well. The Peppermint neutralizes odors and your clothes dont come out smelling like peppermint, they just smell... like clothes... no real fragrance... but no stinky lingering odors either...

All that being said... my skin was still breaking out from time to time using that stuff.

ONE disclaimer here is that I have been doing laundry in a shared laundry room in my apartment building. Its very possible that the random-ness of my breakouts can be attributed to questionable products used by my neighbors. They might be using stuff that leaves residue in a machine that I come along afterwards and use myself. 

Just another theory. One of many. Making me and everyone around me crazy.

Wow... do I sound like a HOUSE WIFE? or what? Mad Paranoid Scientist maybe? Private Detergent Detective? Private Detective Detergent?

I'm ITCHY DAMMIT. Trying to figure this shit out.

(And don't tell me to go the Doctor either)

I'd be really happy to crack the case and go back to eating CHEESE. That's for sure.


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