Happy MLK Day

Happy Monday. Happy MLK Day. Happy DAY OFF if you've got one.

There are many things you can do to honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr and all the positive things his legacy represents. If you're not the type to go out and TEACH, PREACH,  MARCH, or VOLUNTEER... maybe make little sandwiches and pass them out to the folks down at Skid Row, you can always share the love. Social media is definitely the place to spread the wealth of his wisdom on Love, Peace, Tolerance and Race...
Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes: 25 Inspirational Sayings To Share On MLK Day 2014:


CONGRATULATIONS to the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. Looks like it's going to quite a compelling journalistic journey leading up to the big game. It's a classic Puncher versus Boxer matchup. Frazier vs Ali. Although, while Seattle is best known for tough defense and Denver for their high powered offense, I think they kind of swap roles in the Young & Brash versus the Cool & Collected category. (SEE RICHARD SHERMAN) Should be a good game.

I am extremely happy to see the Broncos and the Seahawks in the Super Bowl this year... more so because I did NOT want to see the Patriots and the 49ers play. I, for one, hate the Patriots. I am a New York sports fan through and through and the sporting success of ANYTHING Boston or New England makes my stomach turn. Secondly, my Father in-law, likes the Patriots. He is not a FAN necessarily, but if has has to choose teams in certain situations, he will support the Patriots. He adopted that affinity before he ever met me, so I can forgive him, but I would still have no problem rubbing his face in the demise of a team I so despise. So as you can see, if we were watching the Super Bowl together, and the Patriots were playing, things might get awkward,



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