Free Pancakes and Anal Glands

iiiiit's THURSDAY!

How YOU doin?

I'm fighting off a cold. I hit the gym extra hard this week. I also started doing a quick and intense abs workout in the morning after taking the puppies out. So I've been really sore. Being sore like that can set you immune system back a few notches... making you more prone to catching a cold. So thats what I'm dealing with right now.

Great cuz I have an audition today. I'm going to have to try and snap out of it and not sound like a sniffling sneezing fool when I go in.

In case you were unaware... President Obama won a second term this week. He gets four more years. I think he deserves four more years. I think WE deserve four more years. Obama has been on damage control since day one... So I dont think he has ever had a fair shake. I want to see what he can do. Plus... seriously... ROMNEY? It's one thing if you hate Obama or hate liberals or even hate black people and you just want someone... ANYONE other than Obama... but ROMNEY? The guy is a stick-in-the-mud? A tightwad with a stiff neck and no clue how to connect with the American people. Thats the big issue for the entire Republican party... they are totally out of touch. The face of America is changing and the Republican party is still serving free pancakes at the Elks Club.

Thats all I've got to say about that.... for now.

Kristen and I had to take Mitchell to the vet last night. He started acting really weird on our first walk yesterday morning. He pooped okay, but then he was acting like he didn't finish... like there was something dangling... or stuck.... I tried to help him out.. but as far as i could see... nothing there. He was crazy uncomfortable...and skooting all over the place. I posted the particulars on Facebook to see if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions (Another nice benefit to using Facebook) and a few people hit me back mentioning that it might be an anal gland issue. Sure enough, thats what it was. I dont know what exactly goes into clearing or expressing anal glands... but from what I hear... its NOT the most pleasant experience. Apparently it's a project that your average person can learn to do at home...

I juts dont know if I can bring myself to do it.

Then again... I think I could bring myself to saving us $100 by doing it at home... I'd be willing to give it a try.... or would I?

Maybe I'll Rock-Paper-Scissors with my lovely wife Kristen to determine who gets anal gland duty.

Let's hope it doesnt come to that.


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