Double-dog demolitions and "Doozious" donations

Hi... Happy Late Morning.

June Gloom is certainly living up to it's reputation so far this year.

FIRST, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad, Jerry Huffman. He has had hard time over the past few months and I wish for him nothing but peace, comfort and happiness today.... and every day, of course. Love you Dad.

Sitting here listening to the "Classical" station on Pandora because last night, it seemed like the soothing sounds of Mozart had a calming effect on Whitney & Mitchell. Right now they are thrashing about the apartment, throwing each other in every direction. It looks like they may be reenacting a scene from THE AVENGERS.

They've seen it. I havent. Not very happy about that.

These guys are seriously a two dog demolition crew right now. This classical music is useless.

We had to take Whitney to the Vet on Friday morning. She was extremely sick Thursday night. She was really lethargic and kept walking around the apartment trying to pee and nothing would come out. Always breaks your heart to see a puppy who doesnt feel well. She is in better spirits now. We got her some fluids and some antibiotics. Thankfully, she is pretty much back to normal. Which is TREMENDOUS because the episode set us back $250.

How about an update on my efforts to "Crowd-fund" my short film, TRAILS OF GRAY....

Have you made your contribution yet?

I will write the rest of this blog post while my two lovely pups enthusiastically chew on my shoe, which is still on my foot. This Tasmanian 2fer is totally tag-teaming my tennys...

OK, so I just added a new "Perk" to the IndieGoGo campaign for Trails of Gray. It's "The Five Dollar Fist Bump." and you are welcome to sing along. You know the song.


For $5 you'll get a personal thank-you on Twitter and Facebook, as well as a mention on my website. Next time I see you, I will GIVE you a fist bump. I totally will. Plus you will go to bed tonight knowing you helped make the world a better place. Come on, for five bucks? That's totally worth it.

No sooner had I clicked SAVE on my Perk Update than a loyal friend reached out a dropped a DOOZIOUS FIFTEEN DOLLAR DONATION on my modest little campaign.

Katie Apicella you ROCK!!

I just made up the word DOOZIOUS. It's not a word. Well, now it is. I felt like this latest donation was a "doozy" but "Doozy" didnt quite do it for me....hence... the invention of DOOZIOUS.

Katie was a cast mate of mine back in New York when we were part of the stage production of FISH BOWL. We had a lot of fun working on that show. I also cast Katie as my lead character in my web series ASPIRING LINE. She was great in that role. I was really happy with it. ASPIRING LINE started out as a sit com pilot. Then, after losing some footage and botching a few other elements of the production, I whittled a little web series out of the wreckage. I havent given up on ASPIRING LINE. I may go back reinvent the project. I still think it shows some promise.

Here is Episode One from ASPIRING LINE, which features fun and fantastic performances from an ensemble cast, but Katie pretty much steals the show....

You can see what Katie is up to by checking out her website:

If you are in to the whole Twitter scene, you should definitely FOLLOW her at

She has also been working on a dramatic soap opera style web series called DEVANITY. You can check THAT out at

Ok, moving on...... it SEEMS right this minute... as if the thrashing has subsided. The sweet sound of Stephen Moccio playng the piano (never heard of him, but he's sounds pretty good) as presented by my Classical station on Pandora, has now lulled our previosuly parading and now pooped out little puppies into a nap. So maybe there IS something to be said for classical music.... cuz these litte bugers are passed OUT.

I gotta go.

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