Can I get an"O-Gee-Golly" from Salvador Dali?

Super Super Busy. Like insanely busy. Don't mess with me right now. I'll get back to ya.... but for now.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my DAD! Yesterday anyway. Jerry D turned SEVENTY THREE on JUne 4th. Actually. He was born in 1940 so I think that makes him 74.

We are headed to NJ in July. Kristen and I will fly into Newark and bounce around the NY/NJ/CT metropolitan area for a few days and hopefully squeeze is as much quality time with family and friends as we can manage without... going crazy I guess.... We are DEFINITELY going to go see a game at Yankee Stadium. I missed the Yanks when they were out here playing the Angels in Anaheim so I gotta get my game on in the Bronx.  

So sad to see that Don Zimmer died. Baseball will miss him. I love that he was SEVENTY TWO when he went after Pedro Martinez during a bench clearing brawl between the Red Sox and the Yankees back in 2003. Probably his finest moment, even if he DID get thrown down on the ground like a crotchety old man.

You know what? I started writing KEWL in emails and texts because I was making fun of people who do that. Now I've essentially become one of them #NotKewl I did the same thing with hi-fiving my wife. It was a joke and I ran that joke til it just couldn't run no more... then I was the dip-turd who hi-fived his wife. I still do it from time to time.

“Just because I don’t know the meaning of my art, does not mean it has no meaning.” ~ Salvador Dali

Ok I'm rambling... I gotta go. I told you I'm busy.

OH... for your viewing pleasure... here is the Directors cut (Director being ME) of a recent educational video I Produced/Directed. I added the funk to spice it up a little bit... I KNOW.. I posted this already... I'm sharing again because I like it....

Nighty Night. Don't give up the Fight.


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