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Happy July 3rd!!!!

3 years ago today I was on the verge of a life changing event. It was the eve of independence day and the day before I would meet Kristen and the sunshine in my life would beam forever bright.

What was I doing the night before I met my wife? Don't even remember. Probably at a bar getting wasted.

Even though the anniversary of our wedding is December 17th.... July 4th.... the day we met.... is the day that I truly consider to be one of the most significant days in my life.... if not THE most significant day.

Lets go with THE most significant day.

Not much time for blogging this week. Very busy. Verry Very busy.

Kristen and I are doing some top secret celebratory stuff to honor our milestone. I've got a ton of coffee stuff to do.... and I'm way behind as far as pre-production on this next corporate/legal video project. It's called "A Day in the Life: Property Series." There are a ton of roles to cast and many locations to coordinate and confirm. I gotta get it done.

Last night, we took the Puppies to the dog park for the first time. Not the SMOOTHEST debut but its a step in the right direction. They were terrified. Whitney stood there and barked at everybody. We've got our work cut out for us.

We put DAY TWO of Trails of Gray in the can this weekend. The cast and crew endured a long day shooting up and down the trails of Mishe Mokwa and Sandstone.... we didnt get it ALL done, but we found some really nice moments. I'd say we are 90% wrapped.

OK... I gotta bounce. So much to do and so late already.

If you havent already done so.... Please "Like" my short film "Trails of Gray" on Facebook Thanks for the support!

PS: A HUGE THANK YOU to those who made contributions to to "Trails of Gray" on our indiegogo campaign page yesterday....

Jason Levin
Baxter Levin
David Arthur Bachrach



Thank you Colleen.

She forked up her hard earned summer money to help make this movie happen. She also worked as part of the crew this weekend. She was a huge help.


GOTTA GO!!!!!!

PSS: Less than 48 hours to make your contribution. Help us make it happen. Support independent filmmaking. Thank you!!

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