Always subject to change.

Aaaah.... Saturday morning.

Just took the puppies out for a walk. They didnt pee. They didnt poop. They just ran, wrestled and tackled each other all over the neighborhood and got themselves covered in dirt and grass. So Kristen and I gave them a quick bath. Doesnt take long for a dog to get used to the spa treatment. Especially a good "toweling." THEN, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated... they proceeded to run, wrestle and tackle each other all over the apartment.

Kristen is going down to Temecula with her Mom, Cathy and sister Colleen to celebrate Cathy's birthday and do a little shopping and wine tasting. I have to work. I usually have to spend Saturdays passing out samples of illy issimo on the streets of LA. Today I'm going to head downtown for a while and see if we can be a part of the NBA playoff rush. BOTH Los Angeles teams, the Lakers and the Clippers, are in the playoffs and BOTH are playing at home today, which means BOTH teams are playing at the STAPLES Center today. So there will be a lot of action downtown.

Then, this evening, we will be at the LAB ART one year anniversary GALA at 217 South La Brea.

On May 19 2012, LAB ART, the Nation's largest art gallery dedicated to Street Art, presents 'The Usual Suspects' art exhibit featuring the works of 17 street artists - CYRCLE, Desire Obtain Cherish, Alec Monopoly, Mar. 'The Usual Suspects' art exhibit celebrates the successful 1 year anniversary of LAB ART, which has helped to establish street art as a serious movement, and manifest itself as a cultural cache in the Los Angeles Art Scene:

This coming Saturday, May 19, will mark the one year anniversary of LAB ART. The brilliantly curated; ever-evolving Street Art gallery located at 217 South La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles:


Should be cool. I dig the whole street art scene.

Hopefully Kristen will be back in time to come meet me at the gallery. Then we can get a drink and maybe something to eat in West Hollywood.

Thats my Saturday. The PLAN anyway.

Always subject to change.

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