All Natural Deodorant

Shit works.... it does. Don't be a hater...  its better for you. You just have to APPLY thoroughly. I'm serious. Absolutely. I've used a few different versions of it, but I usually lean towards the stuff from LAFES .... they good products. I almost always have a thing of Tea Tree Oil Roll on stashed in my bathroom.  

I also use the KISS MY FACE brand... the "Liquid Rock" stuff... from time to time. That one works too. the SPORT scent.

Both work quite well... contrary to popular belief. But you have to roll it on right after a shower... apply generously for a good 15-30 seconds under each armpit... and then give it a few minutes to dry. I SWEAR you will be amazed at how well that stuff works. PLUS... its a much healthier option that shlacking a bunch of risky chemicals on to your skin every day.

Now... to be fair and honest... if it's Mid Summer... July or August... and I'm going to be on set or working a long day and I REALLY can't afford any unexpected body odor mishaps... I WILL use some industrial crap... like Degree or Arm & Hammer.... because some days... its not all about YOU....  

if you know what I'm sayin.


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