In the underground thespian system, artistically based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated dramatics who dare to commit these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as ASPIRING ACTORS. These are their stories...
ASPIRING LINE, the new web series by ME, James Huffman, and INDIE CITY ENTERTAINMENT.

ASPIRING LINE is about more than just a fledgling acting school...its about more than questionable theater and humiliating auditions... It is about the millions of performers who pour their heart and soul into the craft's designed to give a voice to every actor out there who may never find one...

(Thank you thank you thank you to everyone that made this possible)

Produced by James Huffman and Susannah Kennedy, this trailer features The directorial talents of Meg Scibona and Jim Spring, along with hilarious performances by Josh Conkel, Katie Apicella, Leslie Miller, Sharon Bushman, Derek Peith, David Arthur Bachrach, Don Puglisi, James Huffman, Thomas Vilorio and more.

Ok, that being said...and with much more to come, I hope you enjoy it...

Episode one

Episode two

ASPIRING LINE: EPISODE 2 (The Mario Hustle); Written and produced by James Huffman; Co-produced by Susannah Kennedy; Directed by Megan Scibona; DP Don Downie; CAST: Becky- Katie Apicella; Mario- Mario Giacalone; Stephen- Josh Conkel; Billy Poppins - Peter Bush; The Assistant - Daryn Strauss; Also featuring - Ashley Wren Collins, Ken Simon, Tara Yanoviak, Mike Shimkin, David Aurthur Bachrach; Edited by Josh Spiegel; Music composed and performed by Lorne Norton III; Brought to you by INDIE CITY ENTERTAINMENT

Episode two point five

Episode three